Outdoor Fitness Programs

How this works: you pay MOC one-time fee ($25) to join the outdoor fitness program(s) you want. Sign a waiver, agree to the class guidelines (health, safety, good sportsmanship) and your fitness instructor will be in touch in a few days. He or she will provide you the upcoming class schedule; just show up and pay the instructor per class ($5).

With MOC group exercises, you aren’t paying for anything that you rarely (or never) use. If your schedule changes or you no longer want to participate in the sessions, just let us know and we’ll remove you from the communications.

Each instructor will share his or her class schedule with only their list – so you’ll only get emails that you want. Instructors have the flexibility to change the class date/time around the weather if needed. Remember these are outdoor sessions. Any schedule changes will be shared with you directly – you don’t need to constantly check an app or website for current class times.

Outdoors & a la carte.

Simply fill out a membership form & waiver, show up at class and pay as you go. No commitments. This is an ideal supplement to an existing gym membership.

The MOC Outdoor Fitness Program options are listed below. When completing the membership form & waiver, select any (or all) of the programs we offer and the instructor/ attendant for that program will communicate directly with you.

Open Water Swim

Monday and Thursday evenings between 5:30pm – 6:30pm, June through September. Any changes to those dates & times based on weather OR facility availability will be communicated to all attendees.

Williams Wharf Landing is the location for MOC’s Open Water Swim group on Mon and Thu between 5:30-6:30pm. This is a self-paced activity for adults (age 18 & over) who want to practice swimming laps in open water. An Attendant will be present to observe and monitor, each participant is expected to be a competent swimmer. This is not an instructor led session and it not intended as a swim lesson or for recreational (play) swim. Swimming at Williams Wharf – other than this MOC activity – is prohibited.

Williams Wharf Open Water Swimmers: Oct 2019. Christine Johnson (front), clockwise from left are Molly Broderson, Tim Hudgins, Mark Marderosian, Ron Myers, Kat Sharp and Doug Paredes.

“Thank you guys. I went from barely swimming in a pool to completing triathlons. Swimming in Mathews and getting to know everyone was one of the best parts of my summer.”

Jonathan Autry, 2022 open water swim attendee

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