Splash -n- Dash

Youth Aquathlon

Saturday July 30, 2022 at 10am*
Williams Wharf, Mathews VA

Swim + Run Competition for youth ages 7 thru 15. Participants will swim in open water for varying distances based on age category, transition to running gear and complete a road run along a quiet backroad. Adult support in the form of lifeguards and safety personnel will be on hand to ensure participants are monitored during the event.

* The Splash -n- Dash event will start when the earlier events (triathlons which begin at 7:30am) are finished. Splash -n- Dash competitors should be prepared to begin at 10am – actual start time may vary.

(limited to 50 total participants)

Age Categories & Distances

Splash -n- Dash participants will be grouped into categories by age. Swim and run distances will be different for each category, with the older participants swimming and running longer than younger ones. We will start racers in 10 second intervals beginning with the youngest age category.

Age 7-9 — Swim 75 yds — Run 0.5 mile
Age 10-12 — Swim 150 yds — Run 1.0 mile
Age 13-15 — Swim 300 yds — Run 1.5 mile

Open Water Swim

As mentioned, the swim is in open water mostly alongside a floating dock so it is similar in some aspects to swimming next to the side of a pool. No swim aids, such as flotation devices or fins, will be allowed in this competition; participants should bring goggles and swim cap if desired.

Lifeguards will be positioned on the dock within arms reach of the swimmers as they navigate around the dock (click to view a 1 min dock walk). For the older age groups that swim slightly away from the dock, support personnel will be monitoring from kayaks or canoes. After the swim, participants will move from the dock to the transition area and prepare for the run segment.

Run on Open Road

The transition area is closed to non-participants – parents/ friends can coach & offer advice from a short distance but participants should be prepared to make the change from Swim to Run on their own. Prior to the event, they can set up their transition spot with a towel, running shoes, socks, shorts, etc.

After exiting the transition, runners will head out along Williams Wharf Road to their designated turnaround point. The entire course is open to traffic and there will be volunteers and a water station along the route for safety. The stretch of Williams Wharf Road is entirely straight so participants will be visible from the parking area. Once the run segment is complete, the event is over.

Pre- and Post- Event Activities

Williams Wharf is the location of an adult triathlon event earlier in the morning of this Splash -n- Dash Youth Aquathlon. Starting at 7:30am a Sprint Triathlon and Micro Triathlon will be in process. Once those competitors have completed their event, the Splash -n- Dash will begin. We estimate the Splash -n- Dash will start sometime around 10:00-10:30am; since this is our first year, that time is flexible.

After all Splash -n- Dash competitors have finished the course, we will have some refreshments under the pavilion. Each Splash -n- Dash participants will receive a custom finisher medal and t-shirt. The event will be electronically timed and results will be shared live and sent to each participant via email; we will not present awards other than the finisher medal.


Neil Carrington is the event organizer & race director for the Splash -n- Dash Youth Aquathlon. Neil participated in competitive sports events as a youth and has continued that interest throughout the years. He is a certified lifeguard and is currently working in that capacity at the YMCA in Yorktown. Neil is a regular participant in the Mathews Outdoor Club’s Micro Triathlon Series and approached the MOC about this event in 2021. Neil competed in his first triathlon in 1989 at the age of 18. He believes in the positive, lifelong influence of multi-sport participation.

Feel free to email Neil with questions on the Splash -n- Dash at: neil.carrington.2016@gmail.com

Reach out to the MOC for other questions or feedback (christine@mocva.net).

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