Marathon Relay

Relay Option for Mathews Marathon

You want to participate in the Mathews Marathon event but want a shorter run option? Grab some friends and sign up for the Marathon Relay! Teams of 2 to 5 members are welcome. We’ve got recommended transition points and instructions for a 5-person team – but you can participate with fewer folks and divide up the course to fit your unique needs.

Mathews Marathon Relay 2023 will be Sat 10/14. Registration is now open – the cost to participate is unchanged.

2 or 3 Person Teams = $100
4 or 5 Person Teams = $150

October 14, 2023
7:00am ET



The Marathon Relay Race Teams will need to provide their own support vehicle to shuttle members around the course to the transition points.

If you’re using our recommended transition points, the first one is right there at the start/ finish area. Leg 1 does a 5.8 mile loop bringing them back to the start where Leg 2 will begin. You’ll park at the start/ finish area to check in for the event and hang around – once Leg 2 is on the course, your team can head to the next transition point for the beginning of Leg 3.

Likewise, our recommended transitions for Legs 4 & 5 are co-located at the same intersection (before and after the “Trident”) and align with the water stop & volunteer station.

Please refer to the route map for suggestions on the best transition spots. Mathews backroads are narrow with minimal shoulder and have ditches on both sides. That means that vehicle pull off spots are minimal. The map also notes other parking areas besides the recommended transition points. Make sure if you select a distance for each leg of your team, transitions are at a safe place for your vehicle to stop and swap runners.

“We have to shuttle ourselves and time our own splits!
What exactly does your event offer for relay participants?”

Marathon Relay Bling

All team participants will receive a commemorative hoodie sweatshirt and finisher medal. Top finishing teams will also be recognized with an event award.


Timing Considerations

The Marathon Relay Race Teams will be provided with an overall finish time; teams will be responsible for tracking individual member splits times for each leg.

Two big reasons for the timing: providing teams with flexibility in the number of relay team members will not result in consistent splits for each team, so overall results only will be used for determining the relay awards, regardless of the team composition (2, 3, 4 or 5 members).

Secondly, having timing equipment at all transition areas requires WIFi and additional volunteers – we cannot guarantee these with two items with any degree of certainty. Mathews is moving toward countywide broadband access, but some areas are not yet WiFi accessible.

Relay Course Record Set by Five Local Mathews Runners in April 2022


Designing a relay course on our existing marathon route was a team effort. Five Mathews runners were put on the job and were the first to “test run” the Marathon Relay.

Leg 1 – 5.8 Miles – 50:01.05
Leg 2 – 5.5 Miles – 46:56.19
Leg 3 – 3.9 Miles – 36:38.68
Leg 4 – 6.8 Miles – 1:02:15.15
Leg 5 – 4.2 Miles – 38:13.62

Current relay record holders

Christine Johnson (driver, pics), Helen Morris (Leg 4), Lindsay Newell (Leg 2), Kathryn Miles (Leg 3), Tracey Tunstall (Leg 5), Hope Lowe (Leg 1)

Virtual Relay Option

Love the relay idea but can’t make it to the event in October? Run the course with your team on your own time whenever you’re in Mathews. The route map & turn-by-turn directions can be downloaded and used by anyone at any time.

Virtual competitions don’t provide the same atmosphere as in-person ones, but are ideal for practice runs & for a course preview. If you do complete the relay on your own schedule, feel free to send along your overall and/or split times and we’ll record them in our record books (we’ll share them here and on our race blog). Email

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