2023 Event Schedule

Friday, Oct 13 2023
Put In Creek Pavilion, Historic Mathews Courthouse, Mathews VA 23109

Here’s the PRE-RACE & RACE DAY schedule of events for the Mathews Marathon & Half Marathon. Please note, we will do our absolute best to stick to the scheduled time – the post race activities & award timing may change slightly, depending on a lot of variables (racers still out on course, weather, etc). Please check back for updates as the event day nears.

Unless specified below, all activities will be held at Put In Creek Park Pavilion (next to Mathews Fire Dept, GPS address 117 Brickbat Road, Mathews 23109)

Saturday, Oct 14 2023
Put In Creek Pavilion, Historic Mathews Courthouse, Mathews VA 23109

“I have always felt that running a marathon or even a half marathon is a team sport, not just an individual event. This feeling came racing back to me (no pun intended) on Main Street during the first half mile of the Mathews Marathon this past weekend.

“Thank you to the Mathews Outdoor Club for offering an amazing opportunity to anyone seeking a full, half, or even a new relay segmented marathon. Thank you to the volunteers who handed me the water I so desperately needed and cheered ‘not much farther’ even before the halfway point.

“Thank you to the race sponsors who provided post-race snacks, gift cards and other swag. Thank you to those out driving vehicles that morning that slowed their speed and gave extra space to runners on the course.

“Thank you to my own personal cheering squad with the somewhat heavy-handed yet comical reminder to “run faster Mom.” And last but not least, thank you to the organizers and especially the superwoman, Christine Johnson, for hosting a small-town event with such a big heart.”

Jessica C, Half Marathon finisher & age group winner, letter to editor, Gazette Journal 10/20/2022
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