Triathlons & More: Williams Wharf

Home to rowing regattas and movie sets – among other things – Williams Wharf is one of the Mathews County attractions you simply must visit. Managed by the local Land Conservancy, this location is rich in history – and just happens to be the site of the Mathews Micro Triathlon series.

After the swim, the cycling route exits the wharf area along Williams Wharf Road to the end of the road (approx 1 mile) past the Kingston Parish church & cemetery, pictured above. The Micro Tri cycling distance is 8.5 miles; the Sprint Tri cycling distance is 11.5 miles – click on the maps below to see the route details. Both routes will be on VA Rte 14 very briefly after Williams Wharf Road before turning left on to Ridgefield Rd. At the end of Ridgefield Rd is a three-way intersection – turn left onto Callis Field Road. As shown in the maps below, Micro Tri route turns right off of Callis Field Rd at Morris Flippin Road; Sprint Tri route continues to the end of Callis Field Rd and turns right onto Tabernacle Road.

The next turns (off Morris Flippin or off Tabernacle Rd) are right turns onto Garden Creek Rd which takes you along the marshes. Again, the Micro Tri route turns off Garden Creek Rd sooner than the Sprint Tri route. Micro Tri route goes left on Marsh Hawk Rd, then left onto Ridgefield Road. Sprint Tri route goes to the end of Garden Creek Road and turns left onto Bethel Beach Road and left again onto Ridgefield Road.

Once on Ridgefield Road, both routes converge and meet back at the three-way intersection, and stay straight onto Ridgefield Rd to the end, turn right onto VA Route 14 and quickly left back on to Williams Wharf Road > one mile to the wharf & transition area.

Of course after the bike comes the running leg – for the Micro Tri, it is a 2 mile out-and-back along Williams Wharf Road; for the Sprint Tri the 5k distance goes out to the end of Williams Wharf Rd, back tracks past Khyber Pass Road & the Kingston Parish church/ cemetery and turns left onto Bertschy Road, a dirt road. At the first road, turn left onto Woods Cove (another dirt/gravel road) to the end, and take another left onto Khyber Pass Rd. Take a final left onto Williams Wharf Road back to the wharf.

If you’re looking for a longer run distance from Williams Wharf, there are a couple nice options I’ve added below. Just know that both of these have small sections along VA Rte 14, which gets busy on weekends but is otherwise fine. Mathews County roads do not have wide shoulders so use caution along these busier ones. Looking for even longer? Just run one of the bike routes (8.5 mile or 11.5 mile) that we use for the triathlons.

I hope you’re enjoying these run & bike routes around the county. Next I will focus on the New Point Lighthouse as the starting area for local run & bike routes. Definitely reach out for suggestions on navigating the area: there are so many great, secluded & picturesque options available:

2 thoughts on “Triathlons & More: Williams Wharf

  1. For the Micro Triathlon Series, are there any rules/restrictions regarding the use of wetsuits during the swim? I just signed up for all 4 events on the 2021 calendar.


    1. Hi Neil – looking forward to seeing you Saturday. No rules on the topic of wetsuits. Wear if you like – water temps this weekend will be in mid 60s. The swim distance is relatively short so you’ll probably be ok without.


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