COVID-19 Response May 2021

As we approach our summer event and fitness program season, the MOC reviewed Virginia’s updated guidelines with regard to participant health & safety during the pandemic. The VA guidelines were updated in April 2021: the applicable sections for our activities are summarized below. The Mathews Outdoor Club is focused on meeting both the letter and the spirit of the state guidelines, and will provide ample space for participants & spectators to safely enjoy our activities. If you have any questions on the MOC’s policy with regard to COVID-19 adherence, please reach out:

Virginia EO-72, Sixth Amended (29 Apr 2021)

Fitness Programs. The total number of attendees (including both participants and instructors) in all group exercise and fitness classes held outdoors cannot exceed 100 persons.

Races or marathons must use a ratio of 40 square feet per person to determine occupancy limits – only square footage that is likely to be accessed may be included. The total number of spectators cannot exceed the lesser of 30% of the occupancy load of the certificate of occupancy for the venue or 1000 spectators per field. Outdoor races, such as cross country races or marathons where physical distancing of runners can be maintained, may include no more than 100 runners per grouping.

How MOC is adapting our 2021 season.

Group exercise activities sponsored by the MOC will kick off this month – all outdoors. The Open Water Swim (OWS) group will meet at Williams Wharf Landing again this year; the group exercise sessions (Cardio Sculpt & Boot Camp) will meet at Thomas Hunter Middle School outdoor pavilion & track. Both venues have ample space to allow participants to spread out – the MOC will monitor and strive to stay well under the 100 participant level (typical attendance is between 15-20). Masks are not required during group exercise session providing that participants maintain social distances.

MOC races are have registration limits in place that are far lower than states limits. Micro Triathlons are currently capped at 50 participants; Gwynn’s Island Race & Marathon/ Half Marathon are limited to 200 and will have wave starts. Those limits may increase as we near capacity to allow for additional registrations but will remain far lower than 1000 (to help ensure that the combined participant & spectator number stays lower than 1000). Masks are not required during competitive races providing that participants maintain social distances.

Thank You for the support.

THANK YOU, Thank You, Thank You. Hosting events & coordinating outdoor activities during the past year was a treat for our club. It took a ton of creativity and flexibility as the COVID-19 guidelines were evolving but you hung in there with us. The MOC is proud of our adaptability and is proud that we were able to continue to offer events non-stop during the pandemic. That would not have been possible without the loyalty & support of our participants. We are grateful that you continue to attend our events and look forward to another great year with you in Mathews County.

Mathews Outdoor Club Board,
Christine Johnson, President
Bronwyn Hughes, Treasure
Kat Sharp, Secretary

MOC Mission

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