Inaugural Course: Suddenly In Command

On April 9, the USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 66 held its first offering of their course “Suddenly In Command” for a group of 10 attendees. Participants learned the necessary information and skills to react in a boating emergency: specifically, when/ if the operator of the boat is incapacitated.

According to Mike Moore, the Flotilla Staff Officer for Public Education, the course content was well received. “We may even have 3 possible recruits from the class!” added Mike. USCG Auxiliary instructors provided Virginia Boating Safety courses throughout the winter months in partnership with the Mathews Outdoor Club.

Providing these courses to area residents and visitors in the winter months (when boating activity is light) is ideal – participants can select the offering that matches their needs and fulfill the mandatory state boating operator requirements in advance of the boating season. With the increase in boating traffic, the USCG Auxiliary instructors will reduce the courses offered to allow themselves more time for water support.

For more information on the USCG Auxiliary membership or to request a No Cost, Risk Free Vessel Safety Check, click here.

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