Horn Harbor Duathlon 2017: still at it

With ideal weather, three participants completed the 2017 Horn Harbor Duathlon this morning, with very close times: 2017 Results. We tracked the run & swim splits this year (next time we will include a split for transition time), and we added water markers for the swim as well: giant yellow rubber duckies anchored in the harbor to guide the swimmers!

The ‘Duck Brigade’ – support crew in the canoe – picked up the floating ducks along the way.

The course record – set by Charlotte Hollings in 2015 – still stands: 1 hr, 4 mins. We wrapped up the day with beer, cheese & crackers, coffee, and danishes – what a great kick off to the weekend.

As always – a HUGE thank you to the Horn Harbor Marina, who happily offer up their docks as our transition point. It is the ideal spot for this event: 4.75 mile run from the Johnson’s home to the marina, and then a 0.85 mile swim back home. Enjoy the pictures – and kudos to the finishers!

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