New Boating Course fills up in record time

USCG Auxiliary considers additional sessions for Sailing Skills & Seamanship (SSS) The Colonial Seaport Foundation, the Mathews Outdoor Club and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Mathews Flotilla 66, are teaming up to offer an introductory “Sailing Skills and Seamanship” class, Saturday, June 18th from 9 am to 5pm.***FREE*** The June 18th offering of Sailing SkillsContinue reading “New Boating Course fills up in record time”

Pop-Up “Treasure Hunts” in & around Mathews County

December 12-13 was the kickoff weekend for the club-sponsored Pop-Up “Treasure Hunts” in the county, with a few more to follow over the upcoming weekends. Participation is free & open to all – with the idea to introduce new walking, running and/or cycling routes – and provide incentive to explore and enjoy the outdoors. HistoricContinue reading “Pop-Up “Treasure Hunts” in & around Mathews County”

Put In Creek Duathlon 2019: Labor Day Tradition

Free & Fun. Our largest group yet completed this local event. Doug Paredes, Mark Marderosian, Richard Browder, Elizabeth Whitaker, Tracey Tunstall (w/ paddle partner Boo Boo), Michael Thomas, Ron Myers, Henry Mulholland, Christine Johnson, Helen Morris, Amy Mulholland, and Danny Weatherly. Front: Mulholland’s pup! Great weather & great location were the big stars of the day:Continue reading “Put In Creek Duathlon 2019: Labor Day Tradition”

Horn Harbor Duathlon 2018: got jellys?

The weather was perfect for our (free) club-organized event, and the jellyfish were NOWHERE to be found. The water was really calm, and the run was mostly shady. Neighbors were out on their dock cheering on the participants. We had our first Mom-Son duo this year (kudos to Wiley & Amy M); Doug P – who has completedContinue reading “Horn Harbor Duathlon 2018: got jellys?”

Horn Harbor Duathlon 2017: still at it

With ideal weather, three participants completed the 2017 Horn Harbor Duathlon this morning, with very close times: 2017 Results. We tracked the run & swim splits this year (next time we will include a split for transition time), and we added water markers for the swim as well: giant yellow rubber duckies anchored in the harborContinue reading “Horn Harbor Duathlon 2017: still at it”

Horn Harbor Duathlon 2015: another in the books!

Another HH Biathlon in the record books for VTTR club members, participants, and supporters!  In total, 11 competitors took part in the event:  9 completed both segments (4.75 mile run & 0.85 mile swim) and 2 did one component (Liz did the “run only” and Donna did the “swim only” – potential great relay team!?)Continue reading “Horn Harbor Duathlon 2015: another in the books!”

Put In Creek Duathlon 2014: Inaugural Event

Running + Kayaking: starting & finishing in downtown Mathews! Early morning on Sunday, October 12 Jessica, Doug, and I challenged ourselves to another group duathlon – this time, running 3 miles and kayaking 2.5 miles.  We met at Williams Wharf and staged our kayaks there as our Transition Point with our Support Crew.  Then weContinue reading “Put In Creek Duathlon 2014: Inaugural Event”

Horn Harbor Duathlon 2014: Inaugural Event

After getting the “OK” from Horn Harbor Marina, two Club Members – Christine & Doug – were first to try out this course on 7/19/2014.  The HH Biathlon is two legs:  a 4.75 mile run followed by a 0.85 mile swim. We staggered the run start time – departing from the Johnson’s house on BrushContinue reading “Horn Harbor Duathlon 2014: Inaugural Event”