Micro Triathlon 2018: Hurricane didn’t stop us

This seems to becoming a ‘thing’ ….

2018 Sept 15 – For the 2nd time, we held one of our Micro-Triathlons under threat of a hurricane. In Oct 2016, Hurricane Matthew tried to interfere and this week it was Hurricane Florence. Our area in Virginia was fortunate to be spared the worst of the weather – but our thoughts go out to those who are under a more serious threat.

Due to the precariousness of this week’s storm, the Micro-Tri today was cancelled as part of the MMTS Series – meaning that today’s results do not count toward the 2018 overall standings. Six of us did show up for the fun – and we were so fortunate: no rain, no wind, and calm water. As the series organizer, I don’t usually get to participate – but I gave it a shot today (didn’t quite make my goal of finishing under an hour, but I got within one minute). Thanks for those who joined me today – sorry for those who missed it – we missed you!

From left: Ron Myers, Mark Marderosian, Kelly Marderosian (‘volunteer’ timer), Courtney Reichenbach, me (Christine Johnson), Danny Weatherly, and Chris Wells

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