Community Support 2018: MHS athletes

New equipment for local High School track team: Victoria is making a STATEment.

On November 17, 2018 Virginia Tidewater Trailrunners club (VTTR) was able to donate 3 high jump crossbars to the Mathews High School track team. The athletes on that team had previously been unable to practice high jumping for more than a year, simply because they didn’t have the proper equipment. Their only opportunity to practice & perform that particular event was during an actual track meet.

Mathews High School track team member, sophomore Victoria Palaimo, practices high jump on Tuesday, 2/5/2019. Photograph from MHS track coach Sabrina Myers.

Enjoy this story below and the picture above from MHS track coach, Sabrina Myers.

One of our sophomore girls, Victoria Palaimo, just started trying high jump three months ago. She qualified for states in the high jump this year, and it’s all because of the new bars from VTTR. Without them, we would still be using a rope. I’ll keep you updated on how Victoria does at the regional and state meets.

On behalf of VTTR members & supporters, good luck Victoria at your upcoming competitions!

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