Pop-Up “Treasure Hunts” in & around Mathews County

December 12-13 was the kickoff weekend for the club-sponsored Pop-Up “Treasure Hunts” in the county, with a few more to follow over the upcoming weekends. Participation is free & open to all – with the idea to introduce new walking, running and/or cycling routes – and provide incentive to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

Historic Bayside Landing was the destination of the Dec 12-13 Pop-Up and the treasure for all who ventured out was this souvenir 2020 pin.

What’s next? Similarly, a Dec 19-20 weekend Pop-Up is planned with a treasure awaiting walkers/runners/riders at Church of Francis de Sales near downtown Mathews.

A Holiday-themed ornament is the treasure for participants on Dec 19-20, ideal decoration for celebrating this time of year.

This pop up inspired me to try my very first walk after a lengthy foot injury. This was my first day wearing two running shoes! We have such a beautiful environment to enjoy. I’m so glad to be back out in it, even for a short, slow and careful walk. Hope everyone enjoys their visit to the Bayside Pavilion.

Kat Sharp

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