Outdoor Fitness 2021: Recap of our first season

Featured Image: Cardio Sculpt Fitness Class, led by Hope Hubbard-Lowe and held waterside at Williams Wharf Landing, is growing in popularity. This image from the Nov 10th class.

Activities have slowed down a bit but we’re finishing the year strong.

After one full season of providing outdoor fitness opportunities to Mathews County residents and visitors, our team is taking stock of our accomplishments and planning for the 2022 season. When we kicked off the year with our competitive events and two fitness classes, we had no idea how popular they would be: during our first month alone (June 2021) MOC provided 150 hours of outdoor fitness opportunities. Read more in our June Blog Post.

570 Hours of Outdoor Fitness

Fast forward to November and the MOC outdoor fitness numbers are impressive: 570 hours in total – with another month-and-a-half to come. Month-by-month breakdown:

  • 150 in June
  • 66 in July
  • 64 in August
  • 24 in September
  • 253 in October
  • 13 in November (as of 11/11)
What’s in store in 2022?

The Mathews Outdoor Club (MOC) is planning to increase opportunities for outdoor fitness in the area starting in 2022 with the offering of additional fitness courses and competitive events. We couldn’t be more pleased with the support we’re receiving from the community: event sponsorship & volunteerism along with activity promotion via social & print media – thank you everyone who continues to assist in our growth.

We aren’t only growing in offerings, but the MOC will expand our community service in 2022. Keep on the lookout for announcements of the new MOC projects in the planning stage now.

Mathews County is the ideal location for outdoor fitness – Thank you again to all of the Mathews Outdoor Club supporters.

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