2023 Feb: Mathews Co Parks & Recreation

Mathews County creates a P&R commission and MOC leader, Christine Johnson, is a charter member. During the Feb 28, 2023 Mathews County Board of Supervisors meeting, several local residents were appointed to serve on the fledgling Parks & Recreation Commission. Among those selected for the 4-year term was Christine Johnson, President of Mathews Outdoor Club.Continue reading “2023 Feb: Mathews Co Parks & Recreation”

MOC Swim Attendant is Certified

Adult Open Water Swim starts back in June with a newly certified Swim Attendant: CPR, First Aid & AED Certification completed in February 2023. Mathews Outdoor Club leadership & staff are making good use of the chilly season to prepare for our spring & summer activities. The Open Water Swim program held at Williams WharfContinue reading “MOC Swim Attendant is Certified”

2023: A look ahead

NEW in 2023. Introducing the Islander Regatta. Mathews Outdoor Club (MOC) will launch a new event in 2023 – a non-competitive 9-mile paddle adventure around Gwynn’s Island in June. This accomplishment is not entirely new: a group of local friends have completed the circumnavigation each summer – the new part is that it has beenContinue reading “2023: A look ahead”

2022 Sep: Open Water Swim at Williams Wharf ends

Mathews Outdoor Club’s Summer 2022 swim program logged 99 hours between June and September and remains one of our club’s most popular offerings. “Thank you guys. I went from barely swimming in a pool to completing triathlons. Swimming in Mathews and getting to know everyone was one of the best parts of my summer.” JonathanContinue reading “2022 Sep: Open Water Swim at Williams Wharf ends”

The Big Yellow Trailer

For an organization that is 100% outdoor – with no physical location – it was a difficult to find storage for our growing inventory of event equipment. Our home spaces were overflowing with timing equipment, route signage and bike racks for triathlons (and more) and moving them from event to event was becoming a challengeContinue reading “The Big Yellow Trailer”

Outdoor Fitness – making an impact

Celebrating 360 Hours in 2022 – & counting! The Mathews Outdoor Club (MOC) launched in 2021 when it acquired a local running group and branched out to provide outdoor fitness beyond running. From no-cost duathlons to paddling regattas to competitive races to group ex to adult swim: by the end of June 2022 the MOCContinue reading “Outdoor Fitness – making an impact”

USCG Auxiliary Supports MOC Event

Members of US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 66 participated in the inaugural Islander Regatta sponsored by the Mathews Outdoor Club on Saturday, June 25. Coxswain Ray Procopio with crew members Matt Smith and Mike Moore provided regatta safety zone support around the paddlers with their facility, Auxiliary 25258, alerting other boaters at times, to lowerContinue reading “USCG Auxiliary Supports MOC Event”

Inaugural Kickball Tournament on May 21

The Coastal Virginia (COVA) Kickball event was an overall success with six teams participating. Six teams from the local area competed in this first-year event: Coastal Virginia (COVA) Kickball Tournament, with the team sponsored by Parlett’s Painting taking home the winner trophy. 99 Problems & A Pitch Ain’t One Ball Busters Living Waters Church #1Continue reading “Inaugural Kickball Tournament on May 21”

Mathews Marathon Event Logo

2022 Contest Winner Announcement Wrightly Reed, Race Director for Mathews Marathon event, announced today the winning selection for the event logo. Wrightly solicits entries from our local students – at Mathews High School – for the artwork. Last year’s winner, Aiden Sowers, set the bar for the future. His design of a Great Blue HeronContinue reading “Mathews Marathon Event Logo”

Outdoor Fitness 2021: Recap of our first season

Featured Image: Cardio Sculpt Fitness Class, led by Hope Hubbard-Lowe and held waterside at Williams Wharf Landing, is growing in popularity. This image from the Nov 10th class. Activities have slowed down a bit but we’re finishing the year strong. After one full season of providing outdoor fitness opportunities to Mathews County residents and visitors,Continue reading “Outdoor Fitness 2021: Recap of our first season”