2021 Jun: First Month of MOC Activities

150 Hours of Outdoor Fitness

The Mathews Outdoor Club (MOC) – in our first month of activities – has provided 150 total hours of outdoor fitness in Mathews County. We hosted the first Micro Triathlon in our series, our annual Gwynn’s Island Race and launched the MOC Outdoor Fitness Program.

A fantastic first month for the MOC!

Momentum into July

Now that the benchmark has been set, we are looking forward to an equally successful July. The Cardio Sculpt & Open Water Swim sessions continue – and MOC will be hosting events 2 & 3 of the Micro Tri Series on July 10 & 31.

Want to learn more about MOC programs or events?

mocva.net/fitness and mocva.net/races

What’s Next for the MOC?

The Mathews Outdoor Club is establishing partnerships with local organizations to provide Boating Safety Courses & Certification for Adults and Youth. Stay Tuned for an exciting announcement in the new few weeks.

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