2023 Feb: Mathews Co Parks & Recreation

Mathews County creates a P&R commission and MOC leader, Christine Johnson, is a charter member.

During the Feb 28, 2023 Mathews County Board of Supervisors meeting, several local residents were appointed to serve on the fledgling Parks & Recreation Commission. Among those selected for the 4-year term was Christine Johnson, President of Mathews Outdoor Club.

P&R Commission Membership

The Mathews Co P&R Commission is comprised of all volunteer members who are active in community recreational activities. The first order of business for the new commission will be appointing officers and identifying/ prioritizing key P&R initiatives. Commission Members:

  • Voting Members (alphabetically): Diane Campbell, Terry Dixon, Christine Johnson, Nicholas Koch, Dan Reno, Tom Robinson, Janice Towne
  • Non-Voting Members: Shannon Frye & Buzz Lambert
For more information on Mathews County Local Boards & Commissions, visit the county website at: https://www.mathewscountyva.gov/245/Local-Boards-Commissions
P&R Commission Meetings & Purpose

The Mathews County Parks & Recreation (P&R) Commission meeting schedule will be posted on the county website and meetings will be open to the public. Meeting minutes will also be available for review. The P&R Commission purpose is to “advise the County Administrator and the Board of Supervisors on development, funding, programming, land acquisition, and maintenance related to Parks and Recreation activities and facilities.”

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