MOC Swim Attendant is Certified

Adult Open Water Swim starts back in June with a newly certified Swim Attendant: CPR, First Aid & AED Certification completed in February 2023.

Mathews Outdoor Club leadership & staff are making good use of the chilly season to prepare for our spring & summer activities. The Open Water Swim program held at Williams Wharf Landing will resume in June – and great news: Tiffany Roach will be back as Swim Attendant. Tiffany took the opportunity to complete her Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED certification this month in preparation for the season.

Tiffany Roach, MOC Swim Attendant, and Christine Johnson, MOC President, completed Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED certification course on Feb 8, 2023. They are shown here demonstrating proficiency during the training session.

Tell me more about the MOC Open Water Swim Program.

WHO & WHERE. The Mathews Land Conservancy ( – managers of the Williams Wharf Landing – has approved MOC to hold Open Water Swim at their location. Swimming at Williams Wharf Landing is prohibited at all times except for the MOC program. Open Water Swim is open to adults (age 18 & older) who are experienced swimmers looking for opportunities to swim for fitness. It is not recreational (play time) nor instructional in nature.

WHEN & HOW MUCH. The MOC Open Water Swim program is held on Monday & Thursday evenings, 5:30-6:30pm, June through September. There is not a lifeguard on duty during MOC Open Water Swim – Tiffany will be on the dock as an observer and can administer some first aid and alert appropriate emergency services. MOC Open Water Swim participants must complete a waiver ( and pay $5 each evening they attend.

Important note: upon completion of the MOC waiver, participants will receive a confirmation and opportunity to pay $25 membership fee to the Mathews Outdoor Club. That fee is the only compensation MOC receives for the program so support is definitely appreciated (the $5 per session fee goes directly to the Swim Attendant). The MOC does not want the $25 membership fee to be a barrier to participation – if interested in the program but the fee is prohibitively expensive, please email MOC ( with a quick note to that effect. The waiver & $5 per session fee are the primary requirements for summer swim participation.

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