The Big Yellow Trailer

For an organization that is 100% outdoor – with no physical location – it was a difficult to find storage for our growing inventory of event equipment. Our home spaces were overflowing with timing equipment, route signage and bike racks for triathlons (and more) and moving them from event to event was becoming a challenge as the amount of stuff exceeded our vehicle space.

It became really clear, really fast: MOC needed storage.

We put out the word that Mathews Outdoor Club was searching for a storage trailer – as a small non-profit, we had a limited budget for it. Fortunate timing for all: the Mathews Boy Scouts Troop were ready to let go of one of their trailers – the planets aligned and in early 2022, the MOC solved our storage problem with the acquisition of a trailer.

Jason’s Sign Design & Cobbs Creek Body Works

A big shout out to two local companies who helped with the design & exterior work: Jason’s Sign Design took our logo & mission statement and created the imagery. Cobbs Creek Body Works prepped the exterior (smoothed out dents & dings etc), applied our signature yellow paint and installed signage.

BIG YELLOW is parked at Williams Wharf for the summer and will be a regular presence at future MOC events.

Thanks again for everyone who helped us move this project along: Lynda at Mathews Land Conservancy, Bernadette with the local Boy Scout Troop, Jason of Jason’s Sign and Jonathon at Cobbs Creek Body. The MOC trailer looks fantastic and our event volunteers say it has been a real timesaver for them.

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