2022 Sep: Open Water Swim at Williams Wharf ends

Mathews Outdoor Club’s Summer 2022 swim program logged 99 hours between June and September and remains one of our club’s most popular offerings.

“Thank you guys. I went from barely swimming in a pool to completing triathlons. Swimming in Mathews and getting to know everyone was one of the best parts of my summer.”

Jonathan Autry, open water swim attendee

With our second swim season completed, we need to recognize the key contributors to the success of our open water swim program. Without these partners, the Mathews Outdoor Club could not provide this program at such an affordable level.

Mathews Land Conservancy (MLC)

The MLC is our “Landlord” at Williams Wharf Landing. As a strategic partner with the Mathews Outdoor Club, they allow MOC fitness programs to operate at Williams Wharf at no cost.


Tiffany Roach, Swim Attendant

Back for her second year as the Mathews Outdoor Club swim attendant, Tiffany always greeted swimmers with a welcoming smile & sunny attitude. The swim sessions were held each Monday & Thursday evening at a low cost of $5/ per person.

Open Water Swim sessions will resume in June 2023 on the same Monday & Thursday evening schedule. Participants complete a one-time waiver and pay a one-time membership fee ($25) to sign up, then only $5 each time they attend a session. The registration form & more information is available here: mocva.net/fitness

Thanks again to our partners & participants – see you next year.

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